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Hi - I'm Alan Tiffany and welcome to AlanTiffany Training.  I've been in the IT business for 25 years now and done all kind of work from Operator to Trainer, from Developer to Manager.  One thing that is consistent throughout this time is the need for good quality training.  The computer industry has seen many changes over the years and continues to evolve at a breathtaking pace. 
A quick glance through the job ads shows that those with leading edge skills are likely to earn the most money.  The wider your skill set, the greater your options.  Make a positive choice now and take the first step to improving your life chances.
It is so important in IT not to get left behind.  In todays financially unstable times, you never know when you'll next be in the job market.  Make sure your skills are kept current and become an expert in your chosen field.  Check out what courses we have to offer and start now to insure against future unknowns.
We have a growing number of distance learning courses with a variety of structures.  Many of our courses are free and you can start right away. 
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Alan Tiffany Training.

Structured Course Content
Depending on the course, the content may be structured by week or by topic.  Courses structured by week tend to be more formal with students expected to complete a given module within a time period and submit any assignments for grading at specific times. Courses structured by Topic are less formal and students are able to move from topic to topic as they see fit.  These courses will have no assignments but students may test themselves by taking multiple choice questions and quizzes. 

Course Enrollment 
Formal courses will have enrollment dates set.  In order to participate in one of these courses you must enroll and be accepted onto the course before the closing date for enrollment.  These formal courses tend to be structured by week and will begin on a specific date.  Informal courses need no enrollment although for some of the informal courses, the student must be a registered user to participate. For other informal courses, the student can log in using a guest acount

Course Fees 
Although many of our courses are free, formal courses have an assigned teacher who will grade assignments and assess student progress.  These formal courses require enrollment.  Once accepted onto the course, a course fee must be paid to cover the costs.  Fees are competitive as costs are reduced by site advertising.  Please check your specific course to determine the fee applicable.
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